Atlas Walking: I’ll carry your weight

So I want to talk to you a little today about a project I’m doing that’s coming up that I call Atlas Walking. And basically the reason I call it Atlas Walking is is based on the Greek Titan that carried a whole lot of weight on his shoulders and walking. If you’ve been following me you know that I’m going to be doing a 17,000 mile trek this year between eight countries.

That’s why the name.

What is it?

My personal burden

Basically I’m going to share a little personal note with y’all here.

I lost my father last summer.

And though I was already planning this upcoming trek, I mean, just losing him derailed my life.

Essentially, the months I’ve been spending in my own grief, it was interesting to meet other people that are grieving their own personal losses and just obviously all you gotta do is turn on the news and see that we have a lot of problems today in the world, a lot.

And we’re all kinda like in our own little worlds with our own little problems and not making connections with each other or helping each other the way we could. Not to say there aren’t people helping each other there are. Thank God.

But we could do better, all of us. And I got to thinking,

“Well, I got this big long trek coming up what can I do?”

How can I play my part? How can I do something? Even if it’s just symbolic to show people that, “I got you.”

You know, like you’re struggling too. I’m struggling. I care. So I came up with this project.

Atlas Walking

My Osprey 65 pack “Mean Green” is going to go with me everywhere. But in addition to what I got to pack to survive a 17,000 mile trek that’s going to go to high-altitude alpine summits, desert, the Amazon, and right to the threshold of Antarctica down in Tierra del Fuego.

But I thought that if I could take people’s hopes, their prayers, their dreams, their wishes. Whatever you want to call it with me, I’d be willing to carry that weight for you.

So what I’m going to do.

I’m going to ask you to send me your hopes, your dreams, your prayers. What burden are you carrying in your heart, that really matters to you. If it’s a symbolic thing you want to get off your chest that you want someone to know about. Totally anonymous of course, unless you don’t want it to be anonymous that’s fine.

I’m going to carry these in the form of recycled biodegradable paper product as an attachment to my pack “Mean Green.”

So whatever weight that adds to my pack I’m going to carry it with me.

So it’s up to you. How much how much should I carry? Should I carry a 100 prayers? A 100,000? a 1,000,000? It’s really up to you. But I’m willing to do it. I’m going to do the work carrying that extra weight to high-altitude, across deserts, lakes, the Amazon.

I don’t have to like you. I don’t have to agree with you. I’m willing to do this for you. I’m willing to carry that weight. So send me some weight. Send me some prayers, send me some love. Send me what matters to you and I will take it to the ends of the earth me.

I’ll leave and hit the road on May 15. I’ll be starting the 17,000 mile trek between eight countries with the summit of Mount Meru.

Please fill out the form below to submit your prayer.

With love,


(a.k.a. The Traveling Amazon)

Autumn Spredemann
As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always found ways to combine my lust for travel and new places with my love of nature. Join me on a journey that will take you across 17,000 miles and 7 countries.
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