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My life has always been about movement

As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always found ways to combine my lust for travel and new places with my love of nature. It didn’t take long for people to realize that I have a talent for making pipe dreams a reality. Want to camp in the Amazon jungle and learn to shoot a blow dart gun from a Yanomani warrior? I can make that happen. Want to ride camels across the Sahara desert at sunset? No problem. Want to sip locally grown coffee with an audience of monkeys beneath the shade of a volcano?

You get the picture.

For 20 years, I’ve lived the life of a traveler who has a passion for learning about other cultures while maintaining a deep connection to the natural world.

I’ve spent the last 8 years living in Caribbean and now that I’m 37, I’m seeking to take that lifestyle to the next level.

Autumn Spredemann trail riding
Autumn Spredemann surfing
Autumn Spredemann selfie with camel

So that being said…

I’ll be traveling to 7 countries on 2 continents this year and more than just being an extended holiday, I have a very special project I hope to take on the road with me.

My Atlas Walking Project will involve me carrying the hopes, prayers and dreams of any and all who submit them to me upon my back…literally…across the countries and continents on my list this year. (Submission details to come) I will be climbing some of the tallest mountains in Africa and South America, crossing treacherous jungles in the Amazon, exploring fantastic cities and ancient ruins and carrying my Atlas burden to the very threshold of Antarctica at the end of the world (Tierra del Fuego).

And of course, you’re wondering why?

The short answer is: I see a world in pain

Regardless of flags, countries and colors, we are all one people at heart. The gift of being a traveler is that you get to experience this revelation first hand and I feel it a sacred duty to pay it forward in any way I can. Even if it’s something as small as carrying the hopes and prayers of others on my back as I cross 27,507 kilometers. I don’t have to know you, agree with you, speak your language or even like you. You’re still welcome to be a part of my journey.

And I hope you will.

There will be many updates to come as I prepare, as the project progresses and I hope you’ll participate!

Once my journey with Atlas Walking reaches completion at Iguacu Falls (which could take a year), I plan on continuing my nomadic lifestyle by leading eco-tours for strong, successful women interested in sisterhood, bonding and most importantly, sustainable tourism, across some very wild and wonderful places.

So by all means, stick around. It’s about to get interesting.

Autumn Spredemann

With love,


(a.k.a. The Traveling Amazon)

As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always found ways to combine my lust for travel and new places with my love of nature. Join me on a journey that will take you across 17,000 miles and 7 countries.
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